Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ice Cream Floats: 50/50 Shakes

Mmm, it looks so yummy!

When I think of summer, I think of one of my favorite treats that my Mom used to make: 50/50 shakes. Basically, if you know how to make a root beer float, you can make a 50/50 shake. The only difference is instead of root beer, you use orange flavored cola. However, I do not recommend Fanta for this. For some reason, it tastes like Kool-aid mixed with sparkling water added to vanilla ice cream. But if you use a rich orange flavored soda, like Crush (which of course ended up getting REM's song stuck in my head) you end up with a shake that tastes like a Dreamsicle, or a 50/50 bar, in drink form. They called them 50/50 bars because they were 50% orange flavored and 50% vanilla ice cream.

We all got to have shakes.

Get the kids out for this, set out your tub of vanilla ice cream, open some orange soda, and get out some tall drinking glasses. Fill the glasses halfway with soda, and add two scoops of ice cream, gently, on top. Make it fun by adding some straws. Make it fancy with an orange peel curl for garnish. Just make it! Heck, it would even be good with some dark chocolate grated on top of the ice cream or garnished with a strawberry, sliced nearly in half. Of course, if you're like me, there is never a bad time to add a little drink umbrella to a drink. Sit back and enjoy your new treat!

Adding the soda pop.
Adding the ice cream. It will foam and fizz.


  1. I'm always hesitant to try any other soda's with my float other than the tried-and-true Root Beer - call me a Float snob, but I can't STAND coke floats. BUT...I'm in the "trying new things" mood and I think next time I'm at the commissary I'll pick up a crush or two.

  2. Okay, so this is not in the same league as the root beer float because the flavors are totally different. It's like eating an ice cream bar, rather than a new spin on a classic float. I hope you try this out and see what I mean! Mmmmm.