Monday, May 16, 2011

Um, What?

I feel like I've been sucked up into a vortex of jet lag. Does that make any sense? Who cares. I'm out of the loop. A crazy sleep schedule will do that to you. I had a wedding to go to in Pittsburgh, but we only had one week to spend there. So we were playing a version of "Beat the Clock" in order to get everything done in such a short span of time. In the mix of all the confusion, our poor little blog went without one of my entries. Did you miss me as much as I missed you? I thought so ;)

So I had a thought that I wanted to share, because well, it's been bugging me. It might be the sleep deprived crazy leaking out of my brain, but it bugs me all the same. Avatars are everywhere. You have one for your facebook account, myspace, etsy, and all sorts of other sites. What I can't stand are those avatars where you see a girl trying to look sexy. Yeah, that's what I want to see most. A bedroom face, right? I beg to differ. I see only what has been dubbed "duck face" and a desperate call for attention when I see someone trying to blow a kiss at the screen in all seriousness. My thoughts are, "why is this chick trying to seduce me? Does she realize that her relatives will be grossed out every time she leaves a comment?" I say leave that up to professionals. They probably take classes on how to perfect your bedroom/duck face.

Another avatar that creeps me out is of couples in a lip-lock. I think there's probably only one instance that I actually want to see another couple kissing in a picture. That's right, a wedding photo is the only time I don't cringe seeing a picture of that. It reassures us that you are, in fact, happy with your decision to get hitched. But if it's you and your significant other, taking a picture "myspace style" with the camera held out at arms length, I want you to think really hard before posting that pic. Really, if some person was standing about a foot or two away from you, staring as you kiss your love romantically (I mean, staring with no blinking) would you not get totally creeped out?! Believe me, witnessing a kiss that close up rates just as high on our creep-o-meter.

So please, for the love of all things good, think twice about posting that avatar.


  1. OMG haha! So true, sick of looking at bedroom faces and lip-locks! Sometimes it takes a little jet lag to show how you REALLY feel :)

    Welcome back!

  2. Oh yea,...nothing everything must be posted on FB...:)
    Robin, (CreationsAnew)