Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Ah, Mother's Day. This day always makes me think of food, particulalry breakfast foods. Breakfast in bed, Belgian waffles, mimosas, brunches with scones and muffins and big glasses of orange juice. Nothing says "I love my mom" like showering her with breakfast foods, right? My own Mother's Day breakfast will be simple: a bowl of Berry Berry Kix. As a part of my Mother's Day gift, my in-laws have taken my kids, giving me an entire night and morning without the very beings who made me a mom to begin with. I know it may seem a bit ironic to celebrate part of this day without kids, but honestly, this is the best part of the holiday for me. These hours of total quiet and alone time are an amazing gift, better than jewelry, flowers, chocolate, and even breakfast in bed. My kids will be back later, and we'll all have dinner together, and it will be a fabulous day. I hope all you mothers out there have an equally fabulous Mother's Day. May your kids behave, may the house stay clean, and may you be woken up with the smell of fresh coffee and danishes.

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