Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to SodaPop Pages!

SodaPop Pages is brought to you by a pair of bubbly sisters with a mutual love for food and cooking, summer fun, vintage style, trying new and sometimes crazy things, and books, books, books. Why the name?We have big plans for fun things we'd like to share with our readers, and our interests are hard to categorize. Soda pop makes us think of food and drink, which is one of our main areas of interest, but it also makes us think of summer fun, vintage style, and the joys of childhood. Our other main focus with this blog will be on books and reading, hence the Pages of our title.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Hello! My name is Jennifer. I live in Germany with my husband and daughter. My husband is in the Air Force, so home is where they send us. I love the mystery of how things are made, and am a DIY fanatic. Cooking and crafting are some of my major interests. I love to sew and design, and plan to start attending online classes for fashion design. So far, I am self-taught. I learn from my mistakes, and revel in my failures as much as my successes. I am also an avid reader. I have two etsy shops featuring my handmade designs.

Here I am with my signature hair flower.
I am Melanie, mother of one girl maniac and one boy maniac, living with said maniacs and my husband in a little city in the land of Montana, or as I like to call it, "Not-Quite-Canada." I'm an imperfect stay-at-home mom, doing my best to keep my kids alive and happy and my house at least a little clean. Some days are better than others. I'm a reader and a writer and an aspiring librarian, and when I'm not hiding my face behind a great book, I like to make a fool of myself in front of large crowds singing bad (and sometimes good) sober karaoke. Mornings are tough for me and I don't truly wake up until after noon, my bowling average is dismal, but I get very lucky at pool, and I hate gameshows.

I love fire.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! So excited for you about this blog. And totally jealous I never had a sister...just three annoying little brothers... :D

  2. Thank you Camelot! You blog is really fun, I can't wait to see how the egg hunt goes. Right now I am trying to figure out the puzzle.

  3. Oh my gosh you guys have made such a FUN and HAPPY space! woot woot!

  4. Can't wait to see what you ladies have in store! And by the way, Mel, I love that you refer to MT as "not quite Canada"; seeing as most people think it is in Canada.

  5. Cute intro! Nice to you meet you, Melanie. What a beautiful set of sisters. Look forward to more!

  6. This is really exciting!